Treated metal:

Q  - What is the brittleness of treated surfaces?
A - There is no brittleness evident in treated metals as
only the top few microns of the metal are hardened.

Q - Will any flaking occur? 
A - No flaking will occur as treated surfaces are actually
changed on a molecular level.

Fact - Analysis of lubricants from engines and mechanical equipment treated with EverRev
show a substantial reduction of debris caused by wear. Eventually becoming almost undetectable!


Q - What effect on seals and gaskets can be expected from EVERREV?
A - No measurable deterioration of seals or gaskets has
been found under normal recommended application. Tests of seal and gasket material soaked in concentrate showed no breakdown, deterioration or swelling.

Spark plug efficiency:

Q - Will EVERREV alter spark plug effectiveness?
​EVERREV will not interfere with firing of spark plugs.
As rings work more effectively there is less blow by and therefore less oil to "oil up" the plugs.  

Engine tolerances:

Q - What effect does EVERREV have on normal engine  tolerances?
A - EVERREV does not coat the surface, thicken existing oils, or fill existing surfaces. There is no variation to tolerance. In fact as engine oil works in a much cleaner environment the engine's normal tolerances are maintained at a higher level.
Oil lubrication systems:

Q - How will EVERREV react with an engine's lubrication system?
A - EVERREV is a totally non-particulate product, carried by lubricant to an engine's internal points of friction where the product treats the friction points where heat and pressure are present. As EVERREV treats the 
the oil pump, it works more efficiently.

Oil lubrication effectiveness:

Q - Will EVERREV affect the lubricant?
A - EVERREV is added in quantities that do not change the viscosity of oil. Less friction in your engine leads to less heat, less wear and ultimately longer oil life.

Transmissions and wet clutches:

Q - How will EVERREV effect my transmission's wet clutces, will it make them slip?
A - EVERREV will have no effect on the friction plates in you transmission or wet clutch. EVERREV only treats the metal not the oil. EVERREV will leave the metal parts of your transmission smoother and harder resulting in a smoother shifting, better working transmission.

Ceramic cylinder liners:

Q - How does EVERREV affect the ceramic cylinder liners?
A - Ceramic cylinder liners will not be affected by
EVERREV. However ferrous metal pistons rings operate more effectively using EVERREV.
Frequently asked questions: