​EverRev - the future of lubrication! Just like the
synthetic oils of today far exceed the standard oil 
of yesterday, EverRev treated lubricants far exceed even the best untreated lubricants. 

EverRev - is a proprietary blend of several chemicals.These chemicals come from all different parts of the country. They are then mixed together under extreme heat at our plant. Some of these chemicals are only available to EverRev, Inc. exclusively. Over the years there have been many imitations of our formula but without our exclusive key ingredients never duplicated! 

EverRev - is synthetic, non-particulate, non-toxic,
non-flammable and biodegradable. Compatible with 
all standard and synthetic oil's, hydraulic fluid, gear
and transmission fluid's, gas and diesel fuels.,

EverRev will not change your oils viscosity. EverRev  will not leave any particles to clog your engines filters or oil passages. EverRev will change the molecules of your engines ferrous based metals several microns deep, leaving the metal much smoother and much harder. 

EverRev - ​treats the metal not the oil so the protection benefits will remain even at times when no oil is present! This includes harmful everyday cold starts.

Lubrication Information:

The quality of metal has improved very little over the 
last several decades. If anything due to cost constraints metal has become of a lesser quality. What has
improved is the quality of lubrication. This is why all
types of engines and mechanical equipment last so 
much longer these days. The technology of lubrication
has improved significantly over the last several years.

What hasn't changed much are the poor choices 
of oil additives. These range from some additives            that have no effect, to some that can do harm!

​1. Thickening additive - designed to thicken a lubricant
​and increase viscosity. Testing shows that these          thickeners offer almost no protection benefit and only increase drag and rob power. 

​2. Particulate based additives - the most commonly 
​known is Teflon. Teflon a polymer famous for its use
in cookware, works by coating a metals surface. These 
particles eventually find their way into an engines oil 
passages and filters resulting in engine damage! 
DuPont, the maker of Teflon or General Motors do not
​recommend this polymer for lubrication!

3. Lead and Graphite based additives - these additives 
are commonly found in many oil products today. 
Graphite a form of carbon is meant to fill in irregular surfaces. Graphite is known to harden with heat this
will often cause excessive wear. Lead is highly toxic  
and is banned in many countries!